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What to Consider When Bringing Plants Into Your Home

Indoor plants really bring the warmth that makes a house a home. Not only do they come in gorgeous shades of green and varied shapes and textures to bring color and visual interest to your space, but houseplants also have proven benefits for your physical and mental health: purifying the air, reducing stress, and even boosting productivity.

While those without indoor gardening experience might be a bit intimidated by starting their new plant hobby, it’s really just about making sure you choose the right plants for your space. Here are some things to consider:

  • Where do you want to put the plant? While you might have the perfect spot from a design standpoint, it’s important to remember plants are living growing things with needs. The space will, in part, dictate the type of plant you should acquire.

  • How much natural light does the space get? Is it direct, filtered or indirect light? Some plants thrive with hardly any light and burn in direct light, while others need several hours of filtered sunshine and still others aren’t very picky. Set yourself up for success by purchasing the right plant for your spot. And remember, no plant can survive with no light!

  • How large is the space? Plants, of course, grow — some of them quite large. Pay attention to how big your plant and its leaves are expected to get and ensure you can accommodate it as it spreads.

  • Are there children or pets in your home? Some plants are safe for adults but toxic to children and pets who might come in contact with them. Are those out of the question, or is your spot well out of reach?

  • How much time are you willing to spend watering, pruning, and otherwise caring for your plant? Are you new to houseplants? You might want to choose an inexpensive, tough, easy-to-find plant, such as a snake plant or pothos, to start. Once you become an old pro, you can turn to more exotic, picky plants.

Still working on that green thumb? We’re here to help. We’ll tap into our landscape architecture expertise to suggest the right plants for your space, help you decide where to put them and how to take care of them for optimal results!


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