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2021 Home Trends That Excite Us

The impacts of 2020 and the coronavirus pandemic are many, but there are at least some silver linings, including what more time spent at home means for this year’s home design trends. Being home with our loved ones has caused us to look at how our homes work for us from a new perspective, ensuring spaces are functional, cozy, and meet our needs like never before.

Some trends we’re thrilled about:

  • Focus on the home office; “cloffices” – Maybe the dining room table would cut it for the occasional work-from-home day, but with just about everyone shifting to telecommuting in 2020, it became clear how important it is to have a dedicated office space. Bright, airy spaces that serve whatever purpose you need from work to Zoom schooling with intentional storage and organization and of course, the “cloffice” — an office built into a closet to take advantage of space when you have a small footprint — are here to stay.

  • Closed floor plans – bye bye, open concept – Open concept floor plans may look great on TV, but when mom and dad each need workspaces and relaxation zones and the kids need spots to learn and play, spaces that can be separated are key.

  • Bringing the outside in – Quarantines and lockdowns not only pushed us out into nature, but led many to want to bring nature inside our homes. Plants purify the air and have a soothing, calming effect — perfect for dealing with stressors like we’ve never known. Incorporating natural or reclaimed materials in home design, layouts that blend indoors and out, and an emphasis on letting light in serve to ground us and bring much-needed zen into our worlds.

  • Stunning outdoor living spaces – A major shift toward spending time with friends and loved ones outdoors for our safety and a need for escape from our everyday surroundings mean beautiful, functional outdoor living spaces are top-priority for many homeowners.

  • Cozier, more meaningful aesthetics

  • Durable, easy-to-clean fabrics and surfaces

  • Sustainable furnishings

  • Old made new and nods to nostalgia

  • Creative learning spaces for kids

  • Redesigned closets for optimized storage and organization to keep living spaces functional

  • Spaces designed to be joyful and calming to improve your well-being

Do these new trends resonate with you as you’ve adapted to more time at home? We can help you create the space you’ve been dreaming of.


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