Our projects are handcrafted,
our client relationships handled with care.

We like to say we're more concerned with perfection than our clients could ever be.

And that’s why we've been delivering exceptional quality, every single time since 1982. 


When you choose Magnum, you choose a team that prizes the client relationship and a job well done. Whether you need to update a floor covering or renovate an entire space, we bring current expertise on the most innovative products and design, dedicated installation teams, and unparalleled customer service to bring your vision to life. 



Robert Cosma

CEO, the head honcho,



Matthew Cosma

Project manager,

landscape architect, plant lover


Ellie Cosma

Human resources has never been sweeter (or fluffier)


Juniper Cosma

Runs a tight ship as head of security around here


Fisher Cosma

Still learning the ropes, working his way into customer service

Our story

Once upon a time, 19-year-old Robert Cosma met with Aetna to sell casters and glides for office chairs. They landed the sale, and Robert kept landing sales after that, with any insurance company, school, nursing home, or business that would take an appointment.

From that very first sale, the wheels in Robert’s head started turning at every meeting, noticing where companies had needs and how he could help. Robert was a natural salesman, and his ingenuity took the business to the next level – not only did he notice which parts and products his clients needed to replace often, but he came up with more durable, longer-lasting versions to sell, ordering custom wardrobe closets manufactured to his specifications or making smaller products in his uncle’s garage.

Magnum 2.0

In 2017, Magnum grew when Robert’s son, Matthew, joined the business. A 2015 graduate of the University of Connecticut, Matt studied landscape architecture and worked at a national architectural firm for two years before coming on board to help take Magnum to the next level. 


Matt grew up hearing about his dad’s business at home, and entrepreneurship is in his blood — his now-wife Kathleen drove him door-to-door around the neighborhood to drop off flyers for his landscaping business every spring in high school. Matt’s education at UConn and as a certified therapeutic garden landscape designer, plus his experience at a multidisciplinary architectural firm, helped him gain a solid understanding of technical building information and the eager mindset to learn on the job. In no time, Matt knew the business inside and out, and now manages Magnum's projects alongside his father.